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With summer in full effect we braved the heat to do some swimsuit photography with Lisa Dillon a wonderful model who gave us some bulletproof looks in the 90 degree heat.

The lifestyle photography shoot was a great break from my advertising work and magazine editorials.  No guys in ties at this 20,000 gallon pool we rented for the production.  No animals were harmed in the making of this swimsuit feature!  Enjoy.

Miami lifestyle swimsuit photographer Miami beach lifestyle Jeffery Salter


The quality of the light outside in Miami during the summer months can be quite harsh, especially during the midday hours.  Lisa was flying in from a production in Los Angeles and was delayed in transit, so we got a bit of a late start.  It’s important to also factor in ample time for the glam team,  in this case Melissa Conner who provided excellent hair and make-up, with stylist Kristina Kitchen who pulled some amazing swimsuits and accessories.


Miami lifestyle swimsuit photographer Miami beach lifestyle Jeffery Salter


A good way of softening harsh light is to put up an Avenger  12 x 12 with white translucent fabric.  It was put on medium roller stands which allow you move it quickly as the sun moves across the sky.  The light walls of the studio bounced quite a bit of light back into the scene which worked out perfectly.


Miami lifestyle swimsuit photographer Miami beach lifestyle Jeffery Salter


I added a bit of color grading in Capture One, my favorite digital imaging software.  It handles many different raw digital files from most types of cameras.  In my case I use it for my Phase One XF IQ 260 digital images.


Miami portrait lifestyle swimsuit photographer Miami beach lifestyle Jeffery Salter


This is my workstation with all the essential items, coffee, dual Eizo monitors, wacom intuos pro tablet and an Apple wireless keyboard.  Not picture is an item every photographer who puts in long hours editing and retouching his images has……the Aeron Chair.  Without a doubt one of the best investments in your health and workspace.


Miami lifestyle swimsuit photographer Miami beach lifestyle Jeffery Salter


For this image we added a couple Profoto B-1 strobes for a bit of edge light to bring out her face and, hips and legs.  To give the image a more stylized look, Kristina provided a white apple, that she painted the night before.  A white fabric backdrop was draped in the background.



Its a wrap and the swan was richly rewarded with a kiss.


Photographer: Jeffery Salter

Stylist: Kristina Kitchen

Hair and Make-up: Melissa Conner





Miami advertising and portrait photographer Jeffery salter who is a Miami based commercial and magazine photographer photographed Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine on South Beach and Lincoln road.

Miami advertising and portrait photographer Jeffery salter who is a Miami based commercial and magazine photographer photographed Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine on South Beach and Lincoln road.

Great to work with the Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine. We began the day photographing in his South Beach office where we had plenty of canine help from Earl the 1st bulldog of Miami Beach.  Afterwards onto to pedestrian and cafe filled Lincoln road to shoot at the unique architectural features and Art Deco style landscaping.

Keeping it real in Miami by photographer Jeffery Salter part 1.

I love photographing people. Good natured, modest, down to earth,  just like your next door neighbor who always has a cup of milk you can borrow. That’s why photography assignments to hang out and shoot portraits of reality television stars in Miami puts a smile on my face. Its always nice to see how “real” people live.


Sugar Divas | Laura Candeau + Iliana Lombardero | Miami Based photographer Jeffery Salter


I thought I knew what a diva was however, the icing on the cake was when Siempre Mujer magazine commissioned me to photograph Laura Candeau and Iliana Lombardero, a mother-daughter team who are cake makers to the stars. They are the “sugar divas.” They have made cakes for Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, Lil Wayne and Pit bull to name a few at their bakery called Divine Delicacies. Watch them on Las Divas del Azúcar airs on MTV Tr3s every Tuesday at 9 p.m.



Vanilla Ice | Bucky the Kangaroo | Miami based photographer Jeffery Salter


Speaking of icing on a cake….I had another slice when I received a call from the Tatler magazine in UK. The picture editor asked, “Would you like to photograph handyman and Rapper, Vanilla Ice, who has a reality show called “The Vanilla Ice project” with his kangaroo named “Bucky.”  I said, “What? Ice Ice with his Kanga?” I asked the editor if I could have the Kanga on a leash held by Mr. Ice looking all gangsta and flexing his tattoos standing in front of his West Palm Beach mansion like blooming royalty. She said, “Bucky wears a collar so that may work”

When I arrived to Mr. Ice’s estate. I told him my idea and he said, “You don’t get it”. You can’t photograph the Kanga in the in front. I replied, “Okay do you have a pool in the back? We can do a shot by the pool with you and the Kanga.” Then Mr. Ice says, to me “You don’t get it?”

So I pulled back a bit and followed Ice to the backyard, where I saw  Bucky in a Kangaroo mansion…. A very big pen. Mr. Ice explained  that if I wanted to photograph him and Bucky it would have to be in the cage. I said, “Cool.” It wasn’t going to be this regal statement, but I still was going to get the best shot of Ice and Bucky cage be damned.

I had my assistants set-up a couple of profoto strobes with magnum reflectors for a bit of edge light, and I put a profoto ring light on my IQ260 digital back and Phase one DF+ camera.

Then Mr. Ice gave me the ground rules, this is not a trained kangaroo:

When you go into the cage avoid eye contact.

Never stand up, or be taller then Bucky the kangaroo (who at 13 year old was five feet tall), otherwise he will box you. I have been on my hands and knees before, but never out of fear of getting punched out by a kangaroo. I crawled in. Mr. Ice came in carrying a bunch of bananas. Bucky the kangaroo hopped towards the bananas. Vanilla started to feed Bucky and I made a few nice frames. Then I asked Ice to give me a serious rapper pose, flex his muscles, display his tattoos and give me a “Straight out of Compton”  kinda look. He replied, “If I stop feeding Bucky bananas you might not make it out of the cage” Noticing that he only had two bananas left, I dispatched my assistant to go to a store and bring back another bunch of bananas.



Bucky the Kangaroo | Miami based photographer Jeffery Salter


After all the drama….Ice didn’t make the final cut….it was all about the “Bucky’.  Reality Note to self. Never be taller than a kangaroo, avoid eye contact and they love bananas.

Luckily my next assignment didn’t involved kangaroo boxing.


Phase One IQ260 | RRS TVC- 24L tripod | Fish Tank Kings

When I was little we had a few gold fish in a simple round glass tank. They were always jumping out. No worries, “Squeaky” my pet Chihuahua was always around to “rescue’’ any “Free Willy” minded gold fish. This most definitely isn’t the case with fish who live in the luxurious aquariums made by the “The Fish Tank Kings” a Nat Geo WILD’s reality TV series . Fish don’t ever want to escape these elaborate sized aquariums, some are large enough to drive a car or two into. The first part of the assignment was to shoot an opening portrait of the Living Color Aquariums President & COO, Mat Roy. On the show he does the big reveal to clients whose custom aquariums have been finished. The second part of the assignment was environmental portraits and reportage photographs of the designers and craftsmen at the factory.


Reef makers | Fish Tank Kings | photographed by Jeffery Salter


Although the picture editor wanted me to concentrate on the cast or on air talent of the show. What really touched my heart were these two beautiful ladies who labor away off camera making the most colorful, vibrant and super saturated reefs. They are the true stars.



Fish Tank King | Mat Roy | Photographed by Jeffery Salter Miami based photographer


The portrait of Mat Roy was a bit of a challenge. The editor wanted him to be inside a living aquarium. Luckily they had designed and installed an cylindrical aquarium at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in which you could step inside a hole in the middle. This shot took for ever, in order to light it without reflections I had to put the camera on a tripod and do multiple frames each with the strobe at different angles then layer the images together in photoshop.
Real Housewives of Miami star, Joanna Krupa | Miami based photographer Jeffery Salter


After doing a star turn working with fish tanks. I was ready for the big league. Next up Real house wives of Miami star Joanna Krupa who has appeared on over 100 covers world-wide including Cosmo and Shape has been named the sexiest swimsuit model in the world by magazines GQ, Maxim, who listed her as part of their “Hot 100” ranking of the world’s hottest women several  years in a row and Playboy.

The location was a beautiful Miami Beach home that had a wonderful wooden dock with views of Miami’s city in the background. We had a full production team, hair, make-up, stylist, two photo assistants and one digital tech. The magazine needed five set-ups with different outfit on Joanna at each spot. In order to accomplish this in the four hour time allotted for the shoot, my team set up lights at all five of the scenes. Working with a super model like Joanna was great. She relaxed very quickly and knew how to work the light.

There is a certain way to hold a cigar that just says “This is the life!’ It’s not the typical image of a big guy wearing a suit, clenching a stogie between his teeth and puffing out nuclear clouds of smoke. It’s a more refined and nuanced way of relaxing and oozing self confidence with the placement of the cigar between index and middle finger with the thumb as a slight anchor. Adding about a 70 degree angle at the elbow puts you perfect cigar smoking form.

Here are a few outtakes from my photo essay on cigar making in Miami which was published in Cigar Aficionado magazine. Enjoy.


Miami Advertising portrait photography by Jeffery Salter.

Professor Juan Turro, saxophone, flute and kazoo player in the band Suenalo enjoys a cigar during a night stroll in Wynwood arts district.


Miami, Advertising, magazine, commercial in Wynwood Cigar Factory by Miami portrait and advertising photographer Jeffery Salter

 At the Wynwood Cigar Factory art lives amongst the rollers, who produce close to 1,000 cigars per day.


Tobacco leaf cutting blade at  El Titan de Bronze boutique cigar factory and shop on Calle Ocho, Little Havana's Historic Eight avenue. Miami photography by Jeffery Salter

A blade used to cut cigar leaves at the El Titan Cigars factory and shop on Calle Ocho, Little Havana.


Miami advertising and editorial portrait by Jeffery Salter.

Maria Sierra once rolled Cohiba Behikes in Cuba. At age 18 she was taught how to roll cigars by Fidel Castro’s personal cigar roller Eduardo Rivera.

Jeffery Salter Miami advertising photographer who photographs people and portraits in Miami.

The hands of Maria a Category 9 roller, who made cigars at the prestigious El Laguito Factory in the Miramar section of Havana for 32 years.  She is considered an elite roller.

Cigar boxes by Miami portrait and advertising photographer Jeffery Salter

Miami advertising photographer Jeffery Salter

Miami photography by Miami portrait and advertising photographer Jeffery Salter.

Advertising photography Jeffery Salter. Cigar humidor at El Titan de Bronze in Miami, Florida by Miami portrait photographer Jeffery Salter

Cigar rollers at Casa Fernandez photographed by Miami advertising, lifestyle, portrait photographer Jeffery Salter.

Advertising Miami photography brown gold - tobacco leaf photographed by Miami Photographer Jeffery Salter

Miami advertising, magazine, editorial portrait photographer Jeffery Salter in Miami Florida
As always the proof is in the puffing.